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$20.00 each

American Indian Voices presents Johnny Moses

An incredibly talented storyteller, Johnny Moses (Tulalip) accompanies himself with a hand drum.

$19.00 each

Drew Lacapa: For Real

An Apache, Hopi, and Tewa, Drew has an eclectic and vibrant vein of rich American Indian humor. Recorded live at the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino.

$25.00 each

Harold of Orange

In Northern Minnesota, an intrepid little group, led by Harold Sinseer, is determined to reclaim their land from the white man.

$30.00 each

On & Off the Res’ with Charlie Hill

Anyone who knows Charlie Hill's sharp comedy will appreciate this brilliant retrospective of his life and work.

$19.00 each

Plenty-Coups: Chief of the Crows

A classic account of the nomadic, spiritual and warring life of Crow Indians before they were forced onto reservations.

$20.00 each

Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny

The word “qallunaat” is used by Inuit to describe white people. It doesn’t refer as much to skin color as to state of mind.

$25.00 each

Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew

This very funny look at the world of Native humor deals with the complex issues of Native identity, politics and racism.

$20.00 each

Smoke Signals

Critically acclaimed and a distinguished winner at the Sundance Film Festival, Smoke Signals follows Victor Joseph (Beach) and his dweeby friend Thomas Builds-the-Fire (Adams) on a cross-country trip to pick up the ashes of Victor's father. 

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