Video - Traditional Stories

$20.00 each

American Indian Voices presents Johnny Moses

An incredibly talented storyteller, Johnny Moses (Tulalip) accompanies himself with a hand drum.

$15.00 each

Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey

Documents indigenous tribes and First Nations from Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska follow their ancestral pathways through the waters of Puget Sound.

$25.00 each

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Our Story

The telling of this story led to reconnections of Native California families with their relatives in Hawai’i.

$25.00 each

Great Wolf and Little Mouse Sister

Martha and Philip visit an elder, who tells them this traditional story of generosity, compassion and courage.

$30.00 each

How Panther Got Tear Marks

This story, told in Karuk and English relays important messages to children as it reveals why Panther has tear marks.

$30.00 each

Karuk Basketmakers: A Way of Life

Describes the methods and materials used in basketmaking.  Tripp tells the story in both Karuk and English

$30.00 each

Lighting the 7th Fire

Skillfully weaves together the prophecy of the Seventh Fire with the issue of treaty rights in Northern Wisconsin.

$20.00 each

Native Peoples and Fire in the Northern Rockies: Beaver Steals Fire & Fire On the Land

Excellent 2-disc set focusing on the traditional uses of fire by Indian peoples.

$50.00 each

Pomo Basketweavers: A Tribute to Three Elders

An in-depth introduction to the history, culture and basketweaving traditions of Pomo women.

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