Great Plains

$7.00 each

A Boy Called Slow

At the end of a fierce battle, the boy who was once called “Slow” gained the name Tatan’ka Iyota’ke, a name which is now known well, for Tatan’ka means Sitting Bull.

$6.00 each

A Legend from Crazy Horse Clan

Daniel Long Soldier’s illustrations give power to the words of this exceptional book.

$18.00 each

A Taste of Heritage

Imparts the traditional Crow philosophy of healing and detailed practical advice for turning garden plants into remedies.

$18.00 each

After and Before the Lightning

This volume of poems comes from a winter during which Ortiz lived and worked on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota.

$13.00 each

American Indian Stories

A collection of childhood stories, traditional stories and an essay, many of which were written in the very early 1900s.

$15.00 each

An Eagle Nation

A tour into Indian Country and beyond: from Santa Monica, CA to Washington D.C., the Osage Nation and Oklahoma then Oxford and the Isle of Skye.

$14.00 each

Another Attempt at Rescue

Mandy Smoker is a consummate storyteller whose writing is a blessing, an antidote to the poison force-fed to Indian young people.

$14.00 each

Bead on an Anthill: A Lakota Childhood

In Bead on an Anthill, there is birth and death, loss and tragedy—and healing.

$9.00 each

Beneath the Naked Sun

Fife’s words are so fierce and strong that readers will see her, standing with her fists clenched, defiantly spitting out an answer to Webster’s definition of the word “savage.”

$14.00 each

Bloodland: A Family Story of Oil, Greed and Murder on the Osage

While researching his own roots, a Washington Post journalist opens old family wounds and exposes a widespread murder conspiracy.

$15.00 each

Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird

Each spring, a water monster comes out of the lake to steal Thunderbird’s chicks. So Thunderbird snatches up a human hunter to help her foil the monster.

$8.00 each

Brothers in Arms

Three complex and multi-layered contemporary short stories, each primarily focused on two characters who are brothers.

$17.00 each

Children Left Behind: The Dark Legacy of Indian Mission Boarding Schools

Tim Giago, who spent his childhood at one of these schools, examines the unholy alliance between church and state that tried to destroy generations of Indian children.

$7.00 each

Chuck in the City

Chuck and his mom go to visit Kookum (Grandmother in Cree) in the city, where he encounters many new things.

$16.00 each

Counting Coup: Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond

Medicine Crow tells of a childhood lived mainly outdoors: bathing in icy rivers, mud fights, listening to stories about family and community, and counting coup.

$10.00 each

Crazy Horse's Vision

Without polemic, without romanticism, Bruchac tells the story of Crazy Horse's childhood and the vision that was to direct his adult life.

$49.00 each

Discovering Our Own Place: A Map Saga for Montana: Rocky Mountain Front/Blackfeet

Each of these sets of maps offers an in-depth view of one of Montana's five regions.

$17.00 each

Dream Catcher

Flute songs and chants of the Northern Plains.

$17.00 each

A Tribute to Johnny Cash

Floyd Red Crow Westerman is an important Native American protest singer and actor.

$17.00 each

AKA Grafitti Man

The record that Bob Dylan called 'Best Album of the Year,' in Rolling Stone.

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