$12.00 each

A River Lost

The story of how the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam led to the destruction of a way of life for members of the Arrow Lakes Tribe.

$9.00 each

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

An Indian boy coming into adulthood, literally weaving and dodging and rolling with the pun

$13.00 each

Beaver Steals Fire: A Salish Coyote Story

These stories are a treasure to be treated carefully and lovingly, taken out at the right time and then put away to rest until it is time to take them out again.

$19.00 each

Buffalo Song

A young Nez Percé boy and his father rescue a buffalo calf whose entire herd has been slaughtered.

$14.00 each

Coyote Stories

Coyote, the trickster, the selfish individualist, teaching us how not to behave.

$10.00 each

Coyote Stories of the Montana Salish Indians

Coyote stories that impart valuable lessons to little ones about how not to be.

$11.00 each

Dancing with the Cranes

Part of the Caring For Me series, to empower children to make choices that promote their holistic health.

$17.00 each

Coming to Getcha!

All-woman northern drum group.

$25.00 each

Explore the River: Bull Trout, Tribal People, and the Jocko River

Comprehensive multimedia education package that describes the values of healthy aquatic ecosystems, and the ecology and importance of bull trout.

$18.00 each


Sherman Alexie’s first book of poems since 2000.

$20.00 each

First Indian on the Moon

In this stunningly detailed collection of poetry, Sherman Alexie once again serves up a sardonic lyrical snack.

$10.00 each

Full Moon on the Reservation

Grounded both in the past and the present, the personal and the communal, Bird’s stories of survival are brilliant.

$75.00 each

Heart of the Bitterroot: Voices of Salish & Pend d’Oreille Women

Showcases never before told stories of remarkable Salish women.

$45.00 each

Hi-Line & Judith Basin/Gros Ventre MAP

Each of these sets of maps offers an in-depth view of one of Montana's five regions.

$6.00 each

How a Young Brave Survived

Told at the seventh grade reading level, this story challenges readers to think about what it took to survive without modern conveniences.

$9.00 each

How Marten Got His Spots and other Kootenai Indian Stories

Recorded by Kootenai elders and illustrated by Kootenai artists from the Flathead Indian Reservation.

$19.00 each

I Will Be Meat for My Salish – The Montana Writers Project and the Buffalo of the Flathead Indian Reservation

Authentic look at Flathead Indian Reservation and pre-reservation Salish history, through oral interviews from the 1920s and 1930s.

$15.00 each

In the Name of the Salish & Kootenai Nation: The 1855 Hell Gate Treaty and the Origin of the Flathead Indian Reservation

Reproduces the complete text of the Hell Gate Treaty and supporting documents, including official proceedings of the treaty council.

$28.00 each

Ktunaxa Legends

These stories, told by Ktunaxa elders, teach children learn respect for creation and the proper way to be in this world. Excellent for read-aloud.

$10.00 each

Malí Npnaqs: The Story of a Mean Little Old Lady

This traditional Salish story is written in both Salish and English.

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