Land and Environment

$15.00 each

A People’s Ecology: Explorations in Sustainable Living

Presents a tapestry of perspectives on the interplay of health, cultural ecology, diet, agriculture, and environment, which are foundations of sustainable living, rooted in the historical traditions and practices of Indigenous peoples.

$12.00 each

A River Lost

The story of how the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam led to the destruction of a way of life for members of the Arrow Lakes Tribe.

$18.00 each

A Taste of Heritage

Imparts the traditional Crow philosophy of healing and detailed practical advice for turning garden plants into remedies.

$15.00 each

At the Hems of the Lowest Clouds

This extraordinary marriage of visual and literary art offers a subtle and inspiring view of the Navajo landscape.

$49.00 each

Discovering Our Own Place: A Map Saga for Montana: Rocky Mountain Front/Blackfeet

Each of these sets of maps offers an in-depth view of one of Montana's five regions.

$15.00 each

Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World

In this collection of meditations on the natural world, Hogan looks at how the elements eternally transform each other.

$25.00 each

Explore the River: Bull Trout, Tribal People, and the Jocko River

Comprehensive multimedia education package that describes the values of healthy aquatic ecosystems, and the ecology and importance of bull trout.

$8.00 each

Food Is Medicine: Recovering Traditional Foods to Heal the People

Authors review traditional agriculture, biodiversity, and the issues brought about by colonization of people and land.

$7.00 each

Fort Chipewyan Homecoming: A Journey to Native Canada

12-year-old Matthew learns about his Chipewyan, Metis, and Cree heritage.

$10.00 each

Gold, Greed & Genocide

Told mostly from the perspective of California Indian people whose lives have been and continue to be impacted by the California Gold Rush.

$7.50 each

Grandma's Special Feeling

Whenever Grandma gets that “special feeling,” the children know they're about get a lesson about how First Nations peoples used to live in the old days.

$12.00 each

Greetings and Thanks to the Natural World - POSTER

Honors the universal message of gratitude and thanksgiving in eleven hand-lettered and watercolor-illustrated panels.

$45.00 each

Hi-Line & Judith Basin/Gros Ventre MAP

Each of these sets of maps offers an in-depth view of one of Montana's five regions.

$22.00 each

In the Fifth World: Portrait of the Navajo Nation

A pictorial story of the land and the people of Navajo Nation.

$30.00 each

In the Heart of Big Mountain

One Diné family struggle with the federal government over the forced relocation of Diné families.

$30.00 each

In the Light of Reverence: Protecting America's Sacred Lands

Elders from three Indian communities tell the stories of the land and the struggle to protect the land.

$45.00 each

Indians of Northwest California History/Social Science- and Literature-Based Curriculum Units

These 12 curriculum units include subjects such as tribal law, education, technology, housing, and traditional foods.

$13.00 each

Ke Ana Pōhaku Ma Kahakai/The Rock Cave at the Beach

Engages young readers in counting and the natural environment.

$20.00 each

Keepers of the Animals: Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children

Teaches children of all ages to understand, live with and care for the animals.

$22.00 each

Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

Brings a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to teaching about the Earth and Native cultures.

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