Oyate Publications

$43.00 each

A Broken Flute: The Native Experience in Books for Children

A Broken Flute is as close to comprehensive as a bibliography on a given subject can get, and more brutally honest than anything else out there.

$5.50 each

CURE Analysis: Houghton Mifflin History/Social Science Series

A group of parents, students, and educators calling themselves Communities United against Racism in Education (CURE) analyze kindergarten through fifth-grade texts.

$10.00 each

Ghost Dance: New and Selected Poems

These moving, lyrical poems are stories of life and songs of resistance.

$5.50 each

How to Tell the Difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children's Books for Anti-Indian Bias

Makes it easier for parents, students, teachers and librarians to choose undistorted books about the lives and histories of indigenous peoples.

$10.00 each

Indigenous Heroes [POSTER]

Our heroes have always worked for the people, and do still.

$10.00 each

Kaianerekowa Hotinonsionne/The Great Law of Peace

The Great Law of Peace was given to the People of the Longhouse many centuries—perhaps a thousand years—ago.

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