$10.00 each

Full Moon on the Reservation

Grounded both in the past and the present, the personal and the communal, Bird’s stories of survival are brilliant.

$10.00 each

Ghost Dance: New and Selected Poems

These moving, lyrical poems are stories of life and songs of resistance.

$11.00 each

In Mad Love and War

Reads like a tumultuous journal of Joy Harjo’s dreams, stories and reports from Indian country.

$13.00 each

Indian Cartography

In this first book of poems given by Deborah Miranda, there is sadness, stone-cold fury, and even joy.

$16.00 each

Itch Like Crazy

Rose’s poems are songs of conquest and genocide and survival.

$20.00 each

Life Woven with Song

Dauenhauer seamlessly weaves together memories of land, culture and community.

$14.00 each

Light in the Crevice Never Seen

The first compilation of poems by an indigenous Hawai’ian to be published in North America.

$18.00 each

Luminaries of the Humble

Elizabeth Woody tells how it is for Native peoples, and out of what past that came to be.

$14.00 each

Memory Songs

These poems are powerful because they reach beyond what genocide has wrought and celebrate what it means to have Lakol Wicoun, "the Lakota way of being."

$17.00 each


Savageau’s writing reflects her life as a Native woman, our histories, and the Earth that some of us call “Mother,” remembering who we are.

$18.00 each

Mud Woman: Poems from the Clay

Each of her poems, accompanied by a color photo of one of her sculptures, is a gift to anyone who can appreciate an “artful life.”

$18.00 each

My Home As I Remember

An anthology of visual art, poetry and short stories from Native women in the United States and Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.

$17.00 each

National Monuments

Heid E. Erdrich asks us to think differently about national monuments in this sarcastic, then elegiac, poetry collection.

$12.00 each

Ndakinna – Our Land: New and Selected Poems

These beautiful poems of Abenaki heritage invoke the natural world of New England and Bruchac’s meditations upon it.

$13.00 each

No Borders

Will encourage youngsters to look around, to see their world with a new awareness - and maybe even write their own poems. 

$12.00 each

No Parole Today

A must-read for anyone who thinks life in the residential schools wasn't so bad, and for everyone who knows it was.

$28.00 each

Not Far Away: The Real-life Adventures of Ima Pipiig

Unflinchingly points fingers directly at the educational system that willingly participates in the racist practices of America’s heartland.

$14.00 each

Ocean Power: Poems from the Desert

In O’odham and English, describes the annual seasons and rhythms of the desert as movements of wind, rain, and flood.

$15.00 each

One Stick Song

Sherman Alexie’s angry, desperate, hilarious, ironic identity crisis—or identity proclamation.

$15.00 each

Original Fire: Selected and New Poems

In this important collection, award-winning author Louise Erdrich offers new and selected poems.

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