$13.00 each

Outlaws, Renegades and Saints: Diary of a Mixed-Up Halfbreed

Being a mixed-blood is no easy road, and Tiffany Midge makes her art from the collision of irreconcilables.

$10.00 each

Red Clay: Poems and Stories

Hogan’s poems and stories here are part of her return to her land, culture and community.

$7.00 each

Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans

Words of young contemporary Native Americans, words of protest against oppression, poems of pain, and cries for lost identities.

$13.00 each

Sáanii Dahataał / The Women are Singing

Tapahonso’s poems and stories carry a strong sense of place, relationship and the need for balance in all things.

$11.00 each


These poems of extraordinary strength and grace lift off the page so easily that middle readers will contemplate their many layers.

$12.00 each

Sculpted Stones/Piedras Labradas

A testament to a people’s tenacious determination to survive in the face of centuries of colonization. English and Spanish side-by-side.

$13.00 each

Seeds of Struggle, Songs of Hope: Poetry of Emerging Youth y Sus Maestros del Movimiento

In Spanish, English and Spanglish, these poems are a testament to the wisdom of our Native youth. 

$13.00 each

Spirit Voices of Bones

Marilou Awiakta describes this poetry as "evok[ing] the marrow of ancestral bones - the regenerative powers of blood memory, of spirit voices that spur and heal."

$17.00 each

Sweetgrass Basket

A wrenchingly beautiful story of two sisters trying to keep themselves together in an atmosphere of hate and shame at the Carlisle Indian School in the early 1900s.

$18.00 each

Talking with Mother Earth / Hablando con Madre Tierra

Argueta’s poems, in Spanish and English, are about gratitude for the four directions and all the gifts of life. Appropriate for beginning readers. 

Argueta’s poems, in Spanish and English, are intense, honest and moving. They are about gratitude for the four directions and all the gifts of life. They are about the beauty that is all around. They are about healing from the wounds of racism. And they are about knowing who you are forever. Whether he is called Tetl (by his grandmother) or Jorge (by everyone else), this young boy knows who he is and who his relatives are, and that is what these poems are about. Don’t hesitate to read and show this beautiful book to young children. It is for them, and for all of us.


Author: Jorge Argueta (Pipil/Nahua)
Illustrations: Color illustrations by Lucia Angela Pérez
Binding Availability: Paperback or Hardcover
Published: 2006
Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Pipil/Nahua

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