A Tahltan Cookbook, vol. 2: More Than 88 Ways to Cook Salmon

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Here are more than 120 traditional and modern recipes from the descendants of Louise Framst’s parents and their large extended family.


For millennia, the Tahltan people have lived along a salmon-bearing river, the Stikine, in the northern part of what is now known as British Columbia. As such, the Tahltan have always been expert in preparing meals that celebrate the beloved salmon. Besides providing exciting and delicious recipes such as Smoked Salmon Ice Cream, Piquant Salmon, Salmon Egg and Heart Stew and more than 85 more, More than 88 Ways to Cook Salmon and other Favourite Recipes shares the history of the people and the relationship to this most sacred of fishes.


More than 88 Ways to Cook Salmon and other Favourite Recipes is not “just” a cookbook; the profiles of each contributor, the stories and photos are as entertaining as the traditional and modern recipes of the Tahltan people. Although we arbitrarily placed these books in the grades 7-up category, many of the recipes may be used with younger children.




Author: Louise Framst (Tahltan), ed.

Illustrations: Black & white photos

Binding Availability: Hardcover with spiral binding

Published: 1996

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Tahltan