In the Fifth World: Portrait of the Navajo Nation

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A pictorial story of the land and the people of Navajo Nation.



Two gifted photographers working for the Navajo Nation team up here to produce an awesome collection of photographs that together tell a pictorial story of the land and the people. Heisey’s aerial color portraits of the land pair with Kawano’s black-and-white portraits of the people—often, one of each on a two-page spread—to show, in a sense, the Diné belief that the land and her people will never be separated. From the foreword by Peterson Zah: “The Earth is our Mother. Our skin is the same as the soil from the Mother Earth, our blood flows as the rivers that flow from the mountains, and our voices are like thunder. The Great Spirit is inside each of us. We are all part of Creation.”



Author: Adriel Heisey and Kenji Kawano

Illustrations: Color and black & white photos by Adriel Heisey and Kenji Kawano

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2001

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo