Dialogues with Zuni Potters

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An intimate and personal book of fourteen contemporary Zuni potters tell us in their own words about the traditions and techniques.


“I went to my grandfather for him to teach me the prayers,” Eileen Yatsattie says. “I didn’t realize that there were prayers for each stage of pottery. Once I learned the prayers, everything really fell into place. I felt good about it.” Here, the reader visits with Zuni potters and their families, talking about their lives and work. Here are photos of the potters at home with their families and at work in their studios. Here are more than 100 color photos that represent the wide variety of pottery made at Zuni by a growing community of artists who share ideas and techniques and learn from each other. Dialogues with Zuni Potters is not one of those self-conscious art books produced by cultural outsiders “about” the arts of a particular Native nation. It is all the more beautiful because it begins inside and radiates outward.


Authors: Milford Nahohai (Zuni) and Elisa Phelps

Illustrations: Color photos by Dale W. Anderson

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1995

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Zuni