Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour, vol. 4

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12 15-minute episodes. - LIMITED INVENTORY - ORDER SOON!


It’s (sob!) the end of the road for the Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour; the grant has finally run out. After barely surviving Wilderness Golf when he falls off a cliff trying to rescue Jasper’s golf ball, Tom is back, still reluctantly buying the coffee while perfecting the combination of white whining and privileged outrage. (Gracie says this comes naturally.) So while you can (sob!), join Gracie, Jasper and Tom in their ever-popular (and ever-growing) segments, including Indians Anonymous (helping Indians escape the confines of Native life and crawl into the bowels of white society), Conversational Cree, the Traveling Trinket Show, Powwow Karaoke, Trust Tonto, Gracie’s Traditional Aboriginal Recipes, Tom’s Traditional Aboriginal Decorating Tips, Blackout Bingo, and What Else Do You Do? Plus Jasper’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (“Better Living through Elasticity”), some special surprises that involve singing (sort of), and finally (sob!)… Stay calm. Be brave. Wait for the signs.

3-Disc Set Contents:
CD 1: Episodes 67-70, PLUS on your computer Episodes 79-82 from Season 4
CD 2: Episodes 71-74, PLUS on your computer Episodes 83-85 from Season 4
CD 3: Episodes 75-78


Artist/Host: Tom King

Format: Audio CDs with 12 15-minute episodes

Published: 2006

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various Canadian tribes