Native Peoples and Fire in the Northern Rockies: Beaver Steals Fire & Fire On the Land

$20.00 each


Excellent 2-disc set focusing on the traditional uses of fire by Indian peoples.


Focusing on the traditional uses of fire by Indian peoples and the profound effects that traditional burning had on plant and animal communities, this excellent two-disc interactive educational DVD set, produced by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, is part of a larger fire-education project, entitled “Native People and Fire in the Northern Rockies.” In Fire on the Land, students can listen to and watch interviews with elders, explore a gallery of fire photos, learn about fire ecology and Indian peoples’ millennia-old use of fire, and learn about today’s efforts to reintroduce fire to restore the ecological balance of the land. In Beaver Steals Fire, younger students will watch and listen to Salish elder Johnny Arlee tell a group of children a traditional story that teaches respect for fire and awareness of its significance.


Disc One: Fire on the Land. 2005, color, grades 5-up 
Disc Two: Beaver Steals Fire. 2005, color, grades 2-up

Also available in paper back: Beaver Steals Fire, see Preschool-up to order.



Produced by: Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Format: 2 DVD set. See disc details above

Published: 2005

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Salish, Kootenai