Indigenous Heroes [POSTER]

$10.00 each


Our heroes have always worked for the people, and do still.



Poster Title: Indigenous Heroes

Text Featured: Our heroes are made of the same stuff and dreams that make us all. They have been called upon to do extraordinary things. Some have given their lives. They have always worked for the people, and do still—for an end to hatred and poverty, for a place where respect is freely given and honor earned, for an Earth where all children can grow up healthy and whole.

Photos Featured: Rigoberta Menchú, Roberta Blackgoat, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, Louis Riel, Haunani-Kay Trask, Lolita Lebrón, Chico Mendes, and Leonard Peltier.


Dimensions & Details: 18" x 24", full color on heavyweight recycled paper.