Coyote Sings to the Moon

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Coyote wants to sing to the moon.  But, insulted by his atrocious singing voice, she packs her bags and leaves the sky.


It was long ago, before the animals stopped talking to the humans. Coyote wants to join Old Woman and the animals in singing to the moon. But, insulted by the animals (something about his atrocious singing voice), he in turn insults Moon, who packs her bags, slides out of the sky, dives down into the pond and plays chess with the sunfish—leaving everyone in the dark. So Old Woman and the animals try to get her back up to the sky. So of course Coyote—who keeps crashing into things, including a skunk—wants to help again. So Old Woman hatches a plan. Stick around. Big fun is going to happen now, I can tell you that. Caveat: This is not anyone’s traditional story.  Tom King made it all up.


Author: Thomas King (Cherokee)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Johnny Wales

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 1998

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Cherokee, Pan-Indian