Just Like Me: Stories and Self Portraits by Fourteen Artists

$17.00 each


Developed to fill the need for books written by People of Color for People of Color.


Harriet Rohmer developed Just Like Me  to fill the need for books written by People of Color for People of Color. Specifically, she wanted there to be books for the children in the Head Start Program in the Mission District of San Francisco where her family lives, that reflect the racial and cultural diversity of the neighborhood. Ms Rohmer describes the artists included as follows: "Tomie Arai and Hideo Yoshida who are the granddaughter and son of Japanese Immigrants farmers. Nancy Hom was born in a village in China. Enrique Chagoya, Carmen Lomas Garza, Maya Christina Gonzalez, and Rodolpho Morales are Mexican and Mexican American aritists of different generations and wildly different styles. George Littlechild was born in Canada of a Plains Cree mother and white father. Stephen Von Mason, Joe Sam, Daryl Wells and Michele Wood are African American artists who grew up in the Midwest, Harlem, and southern California at different times and create art in very different ways. Mira Reisberg and Elly Simmons grew up in working class Jewish families in Austrlai and California.

Each double page layout features one artist and includes samples of their work, a sentence or two of biographical information and a personal anecdote or reflection from their childhood or about who they are. These brief, down-to-earth stories will appeal to a lot of children, and especially to those who don't often find themselves reflected books.



Editor: Harriet Rohmer

Illustrations: Color illustrations

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 2006

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various