Chuck in the City

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Chuck and his mom go to visit Kookum (Grandmother in Cree) in the city, where he encounters many new things.

Chuck and his mom go to the city to visit Kookum (Grandmother in Cree). They arrive late at night and in the morning Chuck gets up before anyone else and goes out to the explore the wonderful city. He encounters many new things and has adventures galore. And then discovers he is hungry and lost. Down the street he spies a doughnut shop with a police car in front of it (of course!) With the help of the police officers he gets back to Kookum's condo and his mother's relieved embrace.

Jordan Wheeler's rhythmic rhyming text captures and hold's children attention.  For example:

"He knew from TV that when in doubt
you look for the police to help you out.

He could see a doughnut store a block from his spot
and a police car was there in the parking lot.

When he reached the car no police were there,
so he climbed in the back and said, "I'll wait right here."

Bill Cohen's colorful action oriented illustrations bring Chuck and his adventures to life.

Jordan Wheeler is the renowned Cree writer of Brothers in Arms and  Just A Walk. He has also written numerous scripts for the CBC and the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.


Author: Jordan Wheeler

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Bill Cohen

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2000

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Cree