Eaglecrest Leveled Readers - 50 SET

$325.00 each


This outstanding emergent-reader series motivates young listeners to read while also encouraging empathy and discussion.


Please note that the 30 set and the 50 set (listed separately) do NOT have any overlap in titles.  The titles included in the 30 set are completely different from those included in the 50 set.

This outstanding beginning-reader series motivates young listeners to read while also encouraging empathy and discussion. The beginning reading titles are leveled from 1 to 21. And the chapter books continue to levels 21 to 23. Each book is a well written, respectful story, supported by beautiful photographs.

The Beginning Readers Series

Here are Louis and Annette, helping their rabbit prepare for her new bunnies. Here are Natalee and Josh, going on a dog sled ride. Here is Kelley, teaching Martina how to dance and giving her the powwow regalia she has outgrown. Here are Martien and his dad, going spearfishing. Here is Grandma, making new slippers for Danielle and Tahya. Here are Tiara and Kayla, going all the way to the store to get milk—without getting tired. Here is Hayley, figuring out why her cat, Bonkers, always seems hungry. Here are Alysha and Taneesha, fixing a flat bicycle tire. Here are real Indian children, belonging to real families and real communities, going about their lives.

The Beginning Readers can be purchased in a variety of ways; including, as a set of 30 for $195 and a set of 50 for $325. Each individual title can also be ordered as a set of 6 for $39.00. TPlease call for more information if you are interested or have questions (707-996-6700) we also have some samples books we can send if you would like to inspect them before investing.

The Chapter Books 

Chapter books (listed individually)  can be purchased individually for $9.00 each. Mountain Bike Adventure and Adventure on Gull Island are Level 21. Soccer Adventure and Eagle’s Cry are Level 22. The Journey and  Hockey Challenge are Level 23. The characters and themes in the stories are intended to appeal to a wide age range of emerging readers, but are appropriate for even young children.

Titles Included in 50 Set*:

Level    Title

1        Going Outside 
1        My Grandma 
1        Picking Flowers  
1        School Is Fun  
2        My Grandpa   
2        In the Forest  
2        The Raven   
2        Big and Little 
2        My Buddy   
2        My Family  
3        Louie's Hat  
3        Water Toys  
3        Holly's Surprise  
3        The Hungry Pony
4        The Eagle 
4        The Frog   
4        The Hawk Drum 
5        Daffodils For You  
5        The Raven Necklace
5        Where Is Fluffy 
6        New Slippers 
6        The Fishing Trip  
6        The Picnic   
6        Alysha's Flat Tire  
7        The Lost Necklace 
7        Helping With Baby
8        Hungry Red Fox  
8        Helping Grandma 
8        Fluffy's Accident 
8        Bonkers Is Hungry 
8        Going To The Store 
9        The Tree Fort 
9        Picking Blackberries 
10      The Best Bread 
10      Fun On The Sled  
11      Crabs For Dinner  
11      Anthony's New Glasses
11      Tree Fort Adventure
12      Hot Moose Stew  
12      The Dream Catcher 
13      Best Friends  
13      Lost and Found  
14      Going Camping 
14      At The Park   
15      The Sleepover  
15      Dean's Fish   
15      Spear Fishing With Dad 
16      The Dog Sled Ride 
16      The Powwow  
16      A Bunny To Love

* Each title is available separately in set of 6 for $39.  To order a set of 6 of any of of the titles above, please call us at (707) 996-6700.  


Author: Lorraine Adams and Lynn Bruvold

Illustrations: Color photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2003

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various Canadian tribes