Malí Npnaqs: The Story of a Mean Little Old Lady

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This traditional Salish story is written in both Salish and English.


Mary Bent Nose was a mean little old lady. She slammed her door, cursed at her chimney, and blamed her pot if her food wasn’t cooked to her liking. She grumbled so much that she didn’t hear the birds sing or the calves run; she ignored her neighbors and swore under breath. But all that changed one day when her door, chimney, chair and pot played a trick on her.

Mali Npnaqs is written in both Salish and English, with the English translation intended to assist Salish readers who may not know all the Salish words. Its author, John Arlee, is a Salish traditional spiritual leader and teaches both the Salish language and Salish tribal history at the Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana. He has also recorded traditional songs on multiple CDs. He lives on the Salish Flathead Reservation in Arlee, Montana.



Author: Johnny Arlee

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations by T.J. Sandoval

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2003

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Salish