Greetings and Thanks to the Natural World - POSTER

$12.00 each


Honors the universal message of gratitude and thanksgiving in eleven hand-lettered and watercolor-illustrated panels.


In eleven hand-lettered and watercolor-illustrated panels, Greetings and Thanks honors the universal message of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Onondaga Nation Thanksgiving Address.

The poster is long and narrow, it comes folded accordion style in a 5x7 inch package, and unfolds to 53 inches in length and 4.24 inches wide. And has a string attached for hanging.

Poster printed on 100% post-consumer waste stock, dioxin free, not chlorine bleached. Biodegradable cellophane package.



Author: Karen Kerney, inspired by the Onondaga Nation Thanksgiving Address

Illustrations: Color paintings by Karen Kerney

Format: Poster

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Onondaga, Various U.S. tribes