Looking After Me

$11.00 each


Quail-child learns about emotional health, and protecting her physical space.  Part of the Caring For Me series.



A young quail learns from his mother that “we all have special places in our hearts,” and that these special places “help us feel happy or sad.” Quail learns from his father that the circle around him is his sacred circle, and that no one can come inside his sacred circle without permission. Together, the adults teach the quail-child what is okay and what is not okay; about watching over the little ones, and about talking about “trust, sacred circles, tears, happiness, and love.”

This book is part of the Caring For Me series, developed to empower children to make choices that promote spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health and well being for themselves, their families and their communities.   



Author: Denise Lecoy (Okanogan)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Marie-Micheline Hamelin (Métis)

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2005

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Okanogan, Métis, Penticton Indian Band