Two Pairs of Shoes

$13.00 each


Along with "Less than Half, More than Whole", "Two Pairs of Shoes" is a must-read for all mixed-culture families.

Available in paperback only.  Esther Sanderson (Cree), Two Pairs of Shoes. 1990, color illustrations by David Beyer (Cree/Métis).

Today is a special day for Maggie, for she has been given two pairs of shoes for her eighth birthday: black patent leather shoes she had admired in a store window, and beaded moccasins her grandmother made for her. Along with the shoes comes this advice from her grandmother: From now on, Maggie must remember “when and how to wear each pair.” Esther Sanderson tells a simple story with an important message. Along with Less than Half, More than Whole, Two Pairs of Shoes is a must-read for all mixed-culture families.