Seven Eyes, Seven Legs: Supernatural Stories of the Abenaki

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These traditional and contemporary stories are for learning from, for thinking deeply about, and for re-reading, over and over.


“Our lives are long enough to come in two parts,” Tsonakwa begins. “The first arrives with mistakes and follies from which we are forced to learn. The second is the benefit of learning from the first.” These traditional and contemporary stories—from the time when the world was young and the animals could talk with each other to the present time when we must be reminded how to communicate—are for learning from, for thinking deeply about, and for rereading, over and over. The photographs of Tsonakwa’s and Yolaikia’s awesome sculptures—primarily of bone, stone, and wood—complement to Tsonakwa’s tellings, some of which will leave readers and listeners gasping with fright.



Author: Gerald Rancourt Tsonakwa (Abenaki) and Yolaikia Wapitaska (Abenaki)

Illustrations: Color photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2001

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Abenaki