Elderberry Flute Song: Contemporary Coyote Tales

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In these 56 poems and stories, Coyote is the comic, the amoral, and the obscene.


In these 56 poems and stories, Coyote the comic, Coyote the amoral, Coyote the obscene—well, you know, Coyote—creates daylight with his howling cry and convinces Wolf to chase the moon, farts a landslide and loses what means the most to him, goes on a trip to England and exposes anthropologists, discusses relativity and does some things with a certain part of his body (the part he is famous for) that some might think impossible. The black-and-white pen-and-ink drawings—practically each one shows Coyote with a full-toothed grin (or is it a sneer?)—are perfect. Each story is to be savored and some are to be deeply contemplated, especially the searingly beautiful title poem.


Author: Peter Blue Cloud / Aroniawenrate (Mohawk)

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations by Peter Blue Cloud / Aroniawenrate

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2002

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Mohawk