Itch Like Crazy

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Rose’s poems are songs of conquest and genocide and survival.



In Itch Like Crazy, Roses’s poems are songs of conquest and genocide, “Clan mothers, granddaughters, all those the missionaries erased,” prayers for a rattlesnake on the road and the buffalo at Yellowstone, and itching like crazy for “being born into a family that could not keep its secrets straight.” In three sections—“These Bones,” “This Heart,” and “Listen Here for the Voices”—Rose paints vignettes through the eyes of the generations.


With a word-vision of Taino “gathering shellfish, unafraid, splashing the little ones, laughing”—and welcoming the newcomers, Rose begins a chronology that continues with her own family stories. Here, amid old photos of family members—actual and possible—she describes herself as “the family karma kickback,” the mixed-blood historian who finds that “the people from whom I come were the perpetrators of those very acts that ignited my rage.” Rose writes with incomparable beauty and clarity and imagery one can’t help but see.



Author: Wendy Rose (Hopi/Miwok)

Illustrations: Black and white photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2002

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Hopi, Miwok