Native America: Portrait of the Peoples

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Contains social and political commentary and provocative essays.



With energy, range, and a clear detailed vision of Native cultures, issues, and history, Portrait of the Peoples captures the epic story of Native America from a unique and intimate perspective. The powerful discussion is enhanced with nearly 200 photographs and illustrations, many of them from Native sources. "I am grateful that Native people have been contributors to this project," writes Dennis Banks in the foreword. "No longer will we have to sift though non-Indian writings looking for shreds of the truth." Edited by Duane Champagne, director of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center and of Chippewa descent, Native America thoughtfully articulates the values, struggles, triumphs, and spirit of Native communities and features hundreds of biographies of prominent historical figures and current leaders. Seventeen chapters written by experts with a diversity of viewpoints cover current and historical issues surrounding Native history and culture, protest movements, language, religion, health practices, art, literature, and media. Extensive information on Canadian Natives is also provided. Portrait of the Peoples should serve as a standard reference for anyone interested in Native cultures and issues.


Beginning with a foreword by activist and American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks and a comprehensive, well-written chapter on Indian activism in the U.S. and Canada, this volume contains social and political commentary and thought-provoking essays. First chapters are organized by major cultural-geographical areas, each beginning with an historical overview and continuing with biographies of historical and contemporary leaders. Subsequent chapters cover Native North American languages, health, religion, arts, literature, and media, and an afterword by activist Suzan Shown Harjo. 



Author: Duane Champagne (Ojibwe)

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations, photos, and maps

Binding Availability: Paperback 

Published: 1994

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various U.S. tribes