Indians of Northwest California History/Social Science- and Literature-Based Curriculum Units

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These 12 curriculum units include subjects such as tribal law, education, technology, housing, and traditional foods.



Written with the assistance of Indian education program staff, tribal resource people, and classroom teachers, these 12 units are specific to Northwest California nations. Activities can be used to compare and contrast with other Native peoples, and work well across cultures. Subjects include tribal law, education, technology, housing, and traditional foods. With maps, illustrations, worksheets, games, and student assessments, units correspond to educational frameworks. Five units center on California tribal stories, and corresponding video versions of three stories, “Why Coyote Has the Best Eyes,” “How Panther Got Tear Marks,” and “Karuk Basketmakers, A Way of Life” are available.   Grades K-5.



Produced by: Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District Indian Education Program

Illustrations: Black and white photos and illustrations

Availability: Curriculum units alone, OR include curriculum and supporting videos

Published: 1992

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various California tribes