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Traditional and original songs in Abenaki and English.

Joe, Jim, Jesse, and Marge Bruchac perform traditional and original songs in Abenaki and English with the Awassos Sigon drum of Odanak and flute by Pablo Hurtado.

The Dawnland Singers not only belong to the same family, they are also proud members of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont.  Their aim, through stories and songs, is to entertain and educate, to represent a small part of the strength of their living Native people.  This recording is meant to capture the spirit of a live performance.

CD Tracks:
1) Intro Greeting
2) Green Corn Song
3) Nemitokusena
4) Awanikia
5) Walking Stars
6) History
7) Intro Wind Eagle
8) Wind Eagle
9) Flight of the Wounded Eagle
10) Intro Kizosoo
11) Kizosoo
12) Kisaldami
13) The Way
14) Intro Heart Song
15) Wlaw8gan Lintow8gan
16) Wabonki


Artist: Dawnland Singers

Format: Audio CD

Label: Good Mind Records

Published: 1994

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Abenaki