Manoomin: A Wild Rice Adventure

$20.00 each


Created to teach children about Ojibwe culture and language, including steps to gathering wild rice.



Manoomin A Wild Rice Adventure was created to give children and adults a better understanding of the culture and language of the Ojibwe People. But it is so much more! Manoomin A Wild Rice Adventure is a great teaching tool, but it is also a highly entertaining story and the illustrations are hysterical! The reader joins Miika and Mino and their Papa to gather Manoomin (wild rice) Ojibwe style, and along the way encounter a variety of characters, including a game warden, muskrats and alligators. Alligators? In Minnesota? We won't spoil the surprise. But in the course of this fun adventure we learn the basic steps to gather wild rice, including how to cook it and all the Ojibwe vocabulary that goes with it. And shucks, we just get such a kick from the pictures.



Author: Joshua M. Whitebird

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Joshua M. Whitebird

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 2010

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Ojibwe