Native Homelands Along the Lewis & Clark Trail

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In this film focused on life 200 years ago, tribal members tell you about their cultures and history.



This DVD and 80-page Teacher Guide are suggested for 4th - 10th graders, and provide a unique and engaging perspective on American History.  

Native Homelands Along the Lewis & Clark Trail presents another experience of American history. In this film focused on life 200 years ago, tribal members tell you about their cultures and history, from the Knife River villages of North Dakota to the mouth of the Columbia the way it has been passed down through the generations. Exquisite scenic and wildlife footage bring these tribal homelands to life. You are witness to a conversation about issues as important today as they were 200 years ago. 4th – 10th grade documentary film, 45 min.

This DVD was produced as one of the Regional Learning Projects and is part of a comprehensive multimedia educational experience. For more information about the Regional Learning Project and a complete list of the resources available in our catalog please see the article on our "NEWS" page. Also for companion online resources refer to the Regional Learning Project website at:

Designed to extend and expand the main themes introduced in the film, the 80-page Teacher Guide includes a diversity of activities and supplemental materials: Pre- and Post-Viewing Activities are combined with primary and secondary documents to provide history-driven Language Arts and Geography lessons. Blackline masters and instructions are included.  This educational resource integrates geography, social studies, critical literacy, science, as well as contemporary legal issues related to tribal sovereignty, water rights, and resource management into your curriculum. Correlations to content standards are provided.  Each chaptered section contains features designed to facilitate student understanding of the topics and themes, along with suggested activities. These features include:

  • Key Concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • Geographical Places
  • People
  • Essential Questions
  • Transcript Text (corresponding with the DVD)




Director: Sally Thompson, PhD

Format: DVD, color, 45 minutes.

Availability: DVD available alone OR in a set with the 80-page Teacher Guide

Published: 2007

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various Western U.S. tribes