Bloodland: A Family Story of Oil, Greed and Murder on the Osage

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While researching his own roots, a Washington Post journalist opens old family wounds and exposes a widespread murder conspiracy.

While researching his own roots, Washington Post journalist Dennis McAuliffe, Jr. opens old family wounds and ultimately exposes a widespread murder conspiracy and shameful episode in American history.
In the 1920s, oil production on the Osage reservation transformed the tribe into the wealthiest population in the world. Tribal members attended the most exclusive finishing schools and Ivy League universities, owned expensive automobiles, and dressed in the finest fashions of the era. In a frenzy that resembled the Gold Rush, strangers descended upon the region, courting and marrying Osage women. Many of the new brides and their Osage relatives died mysteriously shortly after their weddings. The string of murders became known as the Osage Reign of Terror and was the FBI’s first major undercover murder investigation. McAuliffe first noticed inconsistencies in accounts of the sudden death of his beautiful, well-educated young grandmother. After piecing together evidence from FBI files and Osage tribal members’ personal accounts, McAuliffe is forced to accept that his own grandfather may well have engineered her murder.


Author: Dennis McAuliffe, Jr.

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1999

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Osage