Idonapshe Let’s Eat: Traditional Zuni Foods

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This cookbook from Zuni Pueblo offers recipes, folklore, and linguistic information.


This cookbook from Zuni Pueblo, in western New Mexico, is a unique compendium of recipes, folklore, and linguistic information, compiled for the first time by Zuni people and written for both Zuni and non-Zuni readers.

Included are recipes for regional specialties like posole and blue corn pancakes; native delicacies like wild spinach, sheep stomach soup, and prairie dog; and dishes that could come from any part of the United States, such as sourdough bread and roast turkey. All the recipes are from Zuni cooks, and the book includes illustrations by young Zuni artists along with historic photographs from the pueblo archives.

In addition to recipes, the book includes an introduction to the Zuni language as well as fascinating information from Zuni elders on subjects such as planting customs, using an outdoor oven, sheep herding, and how to cook and eat locusts.

There is a full dietary analysis at the back of the book for each of the recipes, a guide that is especially useful for diabetics.

Idonapshe is much more than a cookbook, though it is an excellent and accessible one. It is an enticing introduction into Zuni tradition and culture, thoughtfully and thoroughly written.




Author: Rita Edaakie

Illustrations: Black and white photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1999

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Zuni