New Lakota Dictionary 2nd Edition

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Provides a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly reference text.


This 20,000-word volume provides a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly reference text and serves as a central component of the revitalization movement. 1100 pages.

This exhaustive, immensely-detailed dictionary is an indispensable resource for advanced language users as well as beginning students of the language. It has many innovative features including:

-    Over 40,000 example sentences, usage notes, and collocations;
-    A modern layout that makes it easy to find words and their usage;
-    More than 6,000 words that do not appear in any previous dictionary;
-    A standard orthography that adequately marks all meaningful sounds in the language;
-    All verb entries include conjugation paradigms;
-    Special symbols that mark the 3,000 most important words;
-    Descriptions of word-stems and stem nests

The volume forms the foundation of Lakota and Dakota languages and provides the basis upon which students, teachers, and community members can move forward with confidence in restoring the living language.

Lakota is the largest surviving member of one of the four major North American language families. The Lakota effort to recover and preserve the Native language is significant. Though Lakota children are now predominantly English speakers, Lakota educators have continued to apply new methods, institutions and materials towards reclaiming the language. Immersion schools, nonprofits and family-based language organizations are stepping forward to help teach the language to young people, serving as modern vehicles for preserving the linguistic and cultural identity of the people. This dictionary, too, is a modern vehicle in that mission.



Author: Lakota Language Consortium

Binding Availability: "Heavy-Duty" Paperback

Published: 2008

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Lakota