Drifting Through Ancestor Dreams

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Lomatewama’s poetry is a celebration of the world around him.

For author Ramson Lomatewama, composing poetry is song, music, creativity and prayer coming together. He writes: “And when it’s right/you know/your heart tells you/and then you sing it to yourself/out loud/and when it’s done/your heart knows.”

Lomatewama’s poetry is a celebration of the world around him: people, places and moments. He pauses to ponder the natural world with vivid descriptions, as in his poem Eagles: “Pastel red clouds hover / over pine-covered mountains / stretching eastward, silently.” His descriptions are mystical, even dreamy, enticing the reader to enter the scene and dream along with him. This inviting book of poetry is a superb lens through which to see the world, enhanced further by Lomatewama’s illustrations and use of Hopi words.

Ramson Lomatewama, artist, writer, and educator, was born into the Eagle Clan in 1953. His life on the Hopi Reservation is clearly the heart of his poetry, and his way of looking at the world is a reflection of his rich heritage and the timeless culture of the Hopi people. He has published two previous books of poetry: Silent Winds: Poetry of One Hopi and Ascending the Reed. Lomatewama is also a freelance writer, having published poems and articles for numerous publications and magazines.


Author: Ramson Lomatewama

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations by Ramson Lomatewama

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1993

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Hopi