Message from the Board Chair


Thank you for visiting our new website and for your patience while it was being created. We are very excited about the new features and capabilities of this site, and invite you to spend a little time exploring. We had three overarching goals for redesigning the site: (1) to make it more user friendly, (2) to create a forum to explore and discuss books and other media, and (3) to highlight the great work of indigenous authors, videographers, musicians and other artists. We also wanted the site to be designed so we could grow into it as our needs and expertise expand.

Some highlights of our new website:

  • Fresh new look, to better express who we are, with more online content and greater interactivity
  • Completely renovated online catalog with a search function that actually works!
  • Recent reviews available to encourage conversation and to share our ongoing commitment to evaluate media by and about American Indians, Alaska Natives, First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples from Turtle Island
  • Featured Video to share the extraordinary story telling prowess of Indigenous videographers
  • Featured items, including new books available all the time
  • We are also offering more in-depth information about our workshop offerings, and how to schedule one!

None of this could have been possible without the fine work of the Oyate staff, Trish and Cora, and the support and expertise of our technical partners at Design Action. We thank all of them and we thank all of you, the supporters of Oyate and visitors to our website. Your emails, phone calls and letters are an inspiration, challenge, and encouragement to us. We are very appreciative of your ongoing commitment to providing appropriate books and educational materials to all of our children.

All the best,

Robette Dias, on behalf of the Oyate Board of Directors


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