Sustainable Tribal Economies: A Guide to Restoring Energy and Food Sovereignty in Native America

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Explores food and energy issues in tribal communities and provides examples of tribal innovation to create sustainable energy and food economies.

From the introduction:  This booklet explores food and energy issues in tribal communities, recognizes their linkages, provides examples of tribal innovation and outlines options for tribal communities to create sustainable energy and food economies for this millennium and for the generations yet to come. In all cases, we are looking at the creation of local economies, using the resources available to each Indigenous community. We are hopeful that some of these strategies will not only be viable for tribal self-determination, but also, when appropriate, be a possible source of export revenue for tribal communities.
The process of determining our destiny is at the core of our survival as Indigenous peoples. As tribal communities grow and we deepen our strategies and infrastructure for our Nations, it is essential for us to look at the world’s economic and environmental realities in order to make critical decisions about our future. That means we must address issues such as climate change, peak oil and food insecurity. Food and energy consume huge portions of our tribal economies and must be considered in relation to tribal sovereignty and self-determination.


Authors: Winona LaDuke, Faye Brown, Nellis Kennedy, Tom Reed, Luke Warner, and Andrea Keller
Illustrations: Black & white illustrations, photos, graphs
Binding Availability: Paperback only
Published: 2009, but Honor The Earth, 70 pages
Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various