Our Mission
Oyate means “The People.” We are a Native American/American Indian advocacy and education organization that serves The People. We review children’s literature and advocate for Native Americans/American Indians to be portrayed with historical accuracy, cultural appropriateness and without anti-Indian bias and stereotypes. We teach others to do the same. 

Our Vision
Oyate envisions a world in which our children are:

  • Informed about their Native identities and feel good about who they are
  • Safe to celebrate and honor their Native identities and can teach the next generation through sharing stories and education

Statement of Solidarity
While the majority of the materials we offer pertain to Native peoples indigenous to the contiguous United States, we also support the struggles for sovereignty and self determination of First Nations in Canada, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and Indigenous peoples throughout Latin America. And we are committed to understanding the ways in which we are all related.


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