Shin-chi's Canoe

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In this sequel to Campbell's story Shi-shi-etko, it is a year later and this time her younger brother is going to boarding school too.


In this sequel to Campbell's story Shi-shi-etko, it is a year later and Shi-shi-etko is returning to boarding school, but this time instead of going alone, her younger brother is going too. Together they will face the rigors and challenges of being far from home and in a hostile environment. "Until recently, this was the law and the harsh reality for many Native children in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S." write Campbell in a brief foreword. She adds that these schools were designed to "sever all ties the children had to their families, cultures, and traditional territories."

As they ride in the truck with the other children, Shi-shi-etko tells Shin-chi to take in all the love and beauty they have been surrounded by so he can hold it close to him at night before he falls asleep. While the original book, Shi-Shi-etko describes the preparations to go to boarding school, this sequel describes the hardship and deprivations of the school and the ways the children's memories of familial love and traditions keep them strong and grounded. Once again, Campbell skillfully brings to life the boarding school experience in a way young children can understand but not be traumatized in the process. At the very heart of the story is the enduring love and strength of Indian families. LaFave's illustrations are in the same style and are as beautiful as those in Shi-shi-etko.



Author: Nicola L. Campbell (Interior Salish/Métis)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Kim LaFave

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 2005

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Interior Salish/Métis