Rocks Not Happy In Sacks

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A beautiful expression of the belief that all things in creation are sacred. The text is easy for very early readers.

The poem Rocks Not Happy In Sacks reflects actual events in author Gilbert Walking Bull's life. In it he shares with the reader his belief that all life is sacred and all creation is life. It first appeared in an anthology, O-HU_KAH_KAN. Reproduced here, the text is easy for young children to read and appreciate. The pencil drawings by tom novak are exquisitely alive and embody the story perfectly. This book has become one of our all time favorites. Its a story about a sack of thunder eggs given to the protagonist, that he puts away and forgets about. But his dog Gimo knows the rocks are not happy and sets about to release them so they can go back to living on the earth in the sun, and be happy.



Author: Gilbert Walking Bull and Sally Moore,

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations by Tom Novak

Binding Availability: Available in paperback only

Published: 2008

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Lakota