Get Involved

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved and support Oyate’s work. We rely on your support to continue to bring quality literature and guidance to educators and parents about how to cultivate knowledge and pride among Native children.

The best ways to support Oyate’s work is to support our shop and our workshops, volunteer, or donate a gift.


Your gifts to Oyate directly support our ability to continue this work.  Without your support Oyate would not have been able to make the achievements we have over the last 25 years.  Please consider making a gift today to support our vision for creating a world in which Native children know who they are and feel proud of their identity.  Visit our donations page to make a secure one-time donation, or to sign up as a monthly sustainer of our work.

Signing up for a workshop is a good way to learn about how literature, educators’ behaviors, and popular media can influence children’s views of themselves and of the world, and how to facilitate greater understanding and respect for Native peoples.  To learn more about our workshops, please visit our workshops page.

Do you want to donate your time to support Oyate?  Please fill out our volunteer form.



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