Me Too / Si Tth’i

$10.00 each


This bilingual Chipewyan-English children's book contains guide notes for a variety of language activities.


As he helps his grandfather, Pat Martell, haul firewood, seven-year-old Jared Martell says, “I want to be like my grandpa.” In a photo-essay emphasizing the relationship between grandfather and grandson, Jared shows how his activities (getting ice cubes from the fridge, hunting for something under the bed) parallel the traditional activities Grandpa does in the bush (digging ice, hunting for food). On the last page, as he sits with his grandpa on the porch, Jared says, “I am like my grandpa!” In flip-book format, this bilingual Chipewyan-English photo-essay contains a section of guide notes that lends itself to a variety of language activities.



Author: Brent Kaulbac and Eileen Beaver (Chipewyan)

Illustrations: Color photos by Nik West

Binding Availability: Paperback 

Published: 2007

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Chipewyan