Grandfather Stories of the Navajos

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Traditional stories of the kind that Diné grandfathers tell their grandchildren.



These traditional stories of the kind that Diné grandfathers tell their grandchildren were originally published by the Navajo Curriculum Center of the Rough Rock Demonstration School for Navajo youngsters who had been denied an opportunity to read and learn about themselves. In Diné and English, these are origin stories that teach proper relationships and behavior between the animals, the earth people and the gods; historical accounts that deal with events of the past 200 years; and lessons about social and religious mores. All of these stories are rich in information, and good for reading and telling.



Author: Sydney M. Callaway (Diné), Gary Witherspoon (Diné) and others

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations by Hoke Denetsosie (Diné) and Clifford Beck, Jr. (Diné)

Binding Availability: Paperback or Hardcover

Published: 1974

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo