Northwest Indigenous Gold Rush History: The Indian Survivors of California’s Holocaust

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From an Indian perspective, the "Gold Rush" was a time of invasion, famine, murder, massacre.


Children’s literature about the “Gold Rush” and textbooks paint the “forty-niners” as courageous pioneers in pursuit of gold and the “Gold Rush” as an exciting, thrilling, adventurous time in the history of California. From an Indian perspective, this time was one of invasion, famine, murder, even massacre. This book, put together by a group of Indian students at Humboldt State University, deals with this era honestly and from a fully Indian perspective, and, in the hands of an innovative teacher, can be used with children.



Author: Chaq Lowry, Kate Handwerker-Droz, Rain Marshall, Ron Griffith, Fawn White, and Lonyx Landry

Produced by: Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program, Humboldt State University

Illustrations: Black and white photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1998

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various California tribes