Antelope Woman: An Apache Folktale

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The story of Antelope Woman reminds us why we must always respect the antelope as we respect all things great and small.


In the valley among her people lived a young woman who was strong and knew how to do many things. Young men came by, but none interested her. Then one came who was not like the others. He talked to the people, and helped them, and said always, “Remember to respect all things great and small.” And each night he left the village. Following him one evening, the young woman learned that his story was stranger and more beautiful than she could have imagined. They married, but in the end, because of the intolerance of her people, the young woman joined her husband in his world, forever. “So today, my son, we honor the antelope by never hunting or killing them. For out there among the antelope are Antelope Woman and her children and they are part of us. Now as we hunt, my son, we must be thankful to the creator, who gives us all things great and small and who teaches us to honor them all.” An exceptional book with beautiful illustrations.


Author: Michael Lacapa (Apache/Hopi/Tewa)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Michael Lacapa

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: (1992) 2003

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Apache/Hopi/Tewa