A Tahltan Cookbook, vol. 3: Campfire Cooking

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Here are more than 120 traditional and modern recipes from the descendants of Louise Framst’s parents and their large extended family.


A Tahltan Cookbook, vol. 3: Campfire Cooking, like the other two books in the series, is more than just a cookbook. In this volume, Louise Framst and her family and friends share some techniques and recipes for cooking outdoors as well as hints for living on the land. In addition to traditional and modern recipes such as Campfire Salmon Tails, Banana Pancakes, Shake n’ Bake Goose, One-Pan Lake Trout, Smoked Chicken, Stuffed Beaver and more than 90 more, contributors pass on traditional knowledge about wellness and plants used as food and medicine; tips on snaring rabbits, building a campfire, preparing meat and fish in the outdoors, and what to do if you sight a bear. The profiles of each contributor, the stories and photos are as entertaining as the actual recipes. Although we arbitrarily placed these books in the grades 7-up category, many of the recipes may be used with younger children.



Author: Louise Framst (Tahltan), ed.

Illustrations: Black & white photos

Binding Availability: Hardcover with spiral binding

Published: 1997

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Tahltan