American Indian Voices presents Johnny Moses

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A talented storyteller, Johnny Moses accompanies himself with a hand drum.


An incredibly talented storyteller, Johnny Moses accompanies himself with a hand drum, and his interpretations of the ways the animal people communicate with each other—including Octopus Lady, Crow, Bear Man, Ant Woman, Mosquito Man and even Slug Man—are hilarious. Whether it’s Bear Man and Ant Woman competing over the length of the day and night, how know-it-all Crow realizes—too late—that he should have listened to his friends, how a traditional elder outwits a proselytizing missionary, or how children suffer the consequences of not heeding the advice of their grandparents, the stories will appeal to listeners of all ages. Teachers might want to preview and select stories for content. Grades 4-up (younger for some stories).

CD Contents:
1) Potlatch Song
2) Introduction of Stories
3) Bear and Ant Story
4) Stories of Johnny Moses' Names
5) Octopus and Crow Story
6) The Boogie Woman Story
7) The Missionary Story
8) Su-yah-pi: Upside-Down Face Story
9) Grandma Cedar Tree Story
10) The Boy and the Bicycle Story
11) The Um and Ugh Story
12) The People Story


Artist: Johnny Moses (Tulalip)

Format: Audio CD, 72 minutes

Label: American Indian Voices

Published: 1992

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Tulalip