Images of Indians

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This fast-moving documentary series critically examines the Hollywood's misrepresentation of Indian peoples.



Well researched and beautifully filmed, this fast-moving documentary series critically examines the Hollywood movie industry’s depiction and misrepresentation of Indian lives, languages, cultures, and histories. Narrated and hosted by Will Sampson (Muscogee), the five 30-minute episodes cover everything from Edison’s earliest movies to “Indian massacres” to children’s cartoons to contemporary Indian filmmakers.


The first episode, “The Great Movie Massacre,” examines Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the west as envisioned by directors such as John Ford.


The second part, “How Hollywood Wins the West” explores the Hollywood depiction of how Manifest Destiny was played out in the early 19th Century.


“Warpaint and Wigs” focuses on the exploitation of Indian film actors.


“Heathen Injuns & the Hollywood Gospel” deals with the misrepresentation of Indian belief systems and the stereotypical depictions of women in Indian societies.


The final installment, “Movie Reel Indians,” features guests Dennis Banks and Vine Deloria, Jr., reviewing Hollywood’s history of stereotyping of Indians.  Grades 3 and up.



Director: Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development

Format: DVD, color, five 30-minute episodes

Availability: Available for home-use or with public performance rights.

Published: 1985

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various U.S. tribes