Kwulasulwut II: More Stories from the Coast Salish

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This second volume of traditional stories by a Coast Salish elder and storyteller, features introspection and peer teaching.



This second volume of traditional stories by the Salish elder and storyteller features introspection and peer teaching. These four stories touch on cosmic themes with clarity and humanity.


The little Deer, with the guidance of his grandfather, embraces the spiritual development of his spirit quest. The Mink and Raccoon families discover that they live in the same territory, but have very different habits and preferences for food and consequently must learn to respect one another. In an intricate ruse and counter-ruse, Raven steals salmon from Deer, Deer steals it back, and then boldly offers it to Raven when the farce has been played out. Finally, a young man journeys to the moon, where, with the assistance of Spider Lady and a little mouse, he tries to retrieve his love whose out-of-body experience has taken her there.



Author: Ellen White / Kwulasulwut (Coast Salish)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Bill Cohen (Okanagan)

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1997

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Coast Salish