Beneath the Raven Moon

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Native American flute as only Mary Youngblood can play it. Won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album.


Beneath the Raven Moon is poetry of the heart flowing forth from the Native American flute as only Mary Youngblood can play it.  This superb collection of songs showcases her award-winning talents in adventurous new settings from blues to classical, all the while treating us to the beautiful heartfelt melodies for which she is known and loved.  

Mary Youngblood is a flutist from Northern California. She is half Aleut, and half Seminole. She has been awarded three Native American Music Awards, being the first woman to win "Flutist of the Year," which she won in both 1999 and 2000, as well as winning "Best Female Artist" in 2000. She is also the first Native American woman to have received a Grammy Award for "Best Native American Music Album", and the first Native American person to have won two Grammy's, the first for Beneath the Raven Moon, in 2002 and Dance with the Wind in 2006.

CD Tracks:
1) Cama-I
2) Walk with Me
3) Beneath the Raven Moon
4) And We Shall Dance
5) Laugh with Me
6) Caress the Smile
7) Within My Heart
8) And We Can Love
9) Dream with Me
10) Above the Mother Earth
11) And We Will Fly
12) Ipiluni (Be Happy, Aleut)


Artist: Mary Youngblood (Seminole/Aleut)

Format: Audio CD

Label: Silver Wave Records

Published: 2002

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Seminole, Aleut