Fort Chipewyan Homecoming: A Journey to Native Canada

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12-year-old Matthew learns about his Chipewyan, Metis, and Cree heritage.



Mercredi is the mother of 12-year-old Matthew Dunn, whose visit with his Indian relatives in his mother’s childhood home is the subject of this book. His parents are divorced and, having been raised a city kid, this is Matthew’s first experience with subsistence hunting and fishing and being with the land.

12-year-old Matthew Dunn takes a trip to Fort Chipewyan in Alberta, Canada, to learn about his Chipewyan, Metis, and Cree heritage. His visit to relatives coincides with the community's celebration of Treaty Days, commemorating the 1899 agreement that gave the Chipewyans hunting and fishing rights as well as reservation land. Each year the people gather for games, dances, sports, and feasting. Matthew also learns about traditional ways of fishing and drying fish; making bannock, a quick bread that can be cooked over a campfire; and native beadwork and crafts. The clear, full-color photos support the clearly written text.

The photos of the land are luminous, and those of Matthew attempting to catch a fish and cook bannock are excellent.



Author: Morningstar Mercredi (Chipewyan/Cree/Métis)

Illustrations: Color photos by Darren McNally

Binding Availability: Paperback or Hardcover

Published: 1997

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Chipewyan, Cree, Métis